So much alike, yet so much to contemplate

What matters to me the most wasn’t the article by D.H. Berry but the respond shared by M Clyde on 21th Dec. 2014, the very point of view which is differs from the mainstream media.

“…..Lord Ashcroft’s poll in the immediate aftermath of the referendum indicated that less than 1/4 of No voters considered themselves more British than Scottish and voted No out of an identification with or concern for the Union.”

“…. whilst the principle Unionist party in Scotland, Labour, has gone into meltdown.”

“…. The Labour leader in Scotland Johann Lamont resigned in October amidst accusations that London Labour was treating Scotland like a branch office. Labour’s troubles continue. They look likely to disappear in Scotland just as the Tory MPs did.”

Reflections on the 2014 Scottish independence referendum



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