Taiwan Strait Crisis of 1995-1996: Lessons Learned for Policy

…, governments and news media need the right record to replace reporting and propaganda that blames Taiwan for “trouble” and “tensions” instead of Beijing’s provocations and belligerence.


How the Global Media Frames Taiwan and Gets it Wrong

…many journalists writing about Taiwan are not Taiwan specialists, and financial cuts mean that correspondents often parachute into Taiwan from China or Hong Kong to cover salient events in Taiwan, such as elections, on an ad hoc basis.

The Implications of the Three Warfares for Taiwan: Strategic Thinking and Campaigns (Part 2)

…indicates that the Three Warfares have been conceptualised as integral aspects of the PLA’s approach to joint campaign scenarios, which include the island blockade campaign (島嶼封鎖戰役) and island assault campaign (島嶼進攻戰役), scenarios that would, in all likelihood, be directed against Taiwan.